Types of personal data

For your security and ours, we minimise the amount of personal information we collect.

To deliver a game we collect and store these types of personal information:

During the course of providing a game or supporting you we receive further information:

How we use personal data

We use your personal data for the following purposes.

1 To deliver a Treasure Hunt game

When you book a Treasure Hunt game, we will email you a payment receipt and joining instructions so you can start the game.

2 To support you if something goes wrong

If something goes wrong and we need to fix it, we’ll talk to you via email to try and resolve the issue. When you email us we’ll receive your name, email address, any information from your email footer, and anything you tell us.

3 To keep mandatory financial records

We are required by HMRC to retain records of income. We store payment receipts for a period of 7 years.

How we keep your data safe

We work on three principles:

  1. Collect less - we don’t ask for information we don’t strictly need.
  2. Protect well - we use strong security practices (password managers, two-factor authentication) to protect online services containing personal data. We use strong encryption for any personal data we’re required to retain.
  3. Delete often - we set up automatic deletion of information so it doesn’t accumulate over time.

How long we retain your data

As a principle we try to delete personally identifiable information within 30 days of it no longer being required, and no longer than 90 days.

Where technically possible we configure our tools to automatically delete information.

Third parties we use

We use Google Ads to advertise Treasure Hunt based on search keywords, for example “things to do in liverpool”.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to understand how people arrived on the site, what they did on the site and to track the conversion rate of different channels and adverts. This activity is anonymous to us: we cannot identify a user in Google Analytics, and we don’t send identifiable information to them, either.

To disable our use of Google Analytics, enable the Do Not Track setting in your browser.


We use Stripe to take payments for games. Stripe handles the card details (card number, expiry etc) and we cannot see that. Although we can see the billing address inside Stripe’s dashboard, we do not take a copy.

Google Forms / Google Sheets

We use Google Forms to collect ad-hoc from our website.

Where this is personally identifiable (for example an email address) we seek positive consent from you first. We automatically delete personally identifiable information from Google Sheets after 30 days.

Google Mail

We use Google Mail for all mail to and from


We use Hetzner to host our website.


We use Heroku to host the Treasure Hunt web application.


We use Slack for communicating within the team. We may discuss a customer support issue on Slack for example handling a cancellation request.

Contact us

You have rights under GDPR to the data we hold about you. To exercise these rights, or to make a complaint, contact us.

If you cannot get your issue resolved with us, or if you have a concern, then contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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