Team building activity

Information for organisers

Treasure Hunt Bristol is a great activity for a team-building event, office away day or an activity to bring together remote teams.

How the game works

The game works like a Whatsapp Group chat with a pirate character who leads each team around Bristol. They have to figure out cryptic clues by finding things in the city.

Everyone in a team can access their link on their own phones. They all see each others' messages just like a group chat.

Screenshot of a group message

Demo game: Treasure Hunt Bristol

Here’s a demo game (open on your phone):

Split into teams of 6

For big groups we suggest breaking into teams of up to 6.

Each team should start 5 minutes apart. That way they aren’t on each others' toes but they’ll see each other at any planned breaks along the way.

How booking works

Book online for the number of people taking part. (Invoice is OK too.)

You’ll immediately get an email with a unique link for each team.

As the organiser, you allocate people into teams and give the links to the people in each team.

Duration & breaks

The game takes 1½-3 hours depending on breaks.

We recommend planning in a break at one of Bristol’s excellent venues along the way.

Here’s a map of Bristol showing the full route (no spoilers!):

Start and end points

The game starts at St Peter’s Church in Castle Park and takes them on a fixed route that we’ve carefully designed.

It ends at King Street near the The Old Vic.

Make it a competition

When each team finishes, they get a Captain’s Log which has their score.

To get a perfect score, they’d need to get every clue right first time with no hints.

When the first team finishes, you get an email with a link to all the Captain’s Logs. That means you can look at each team’s Captain’s Log and see their score at the bottom.

We suggest competing on score rather than time as it’s nicer ṫake your time rather than rushing.

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